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Surplant NV
is a company specialized in producing plantextracts or extracts of plantparts. Surplant NV is located in Suriname in the district of Commewijne, on the former plantation Kroonenburg along the Commewijne-river. We have our nursery garden and do our researches there.

Suriname is a sparsely populated country, therefore the tropical rainforest is nearly unaffected and possesses a wide variety of plants that have never been researched and probably even unknown species. Besides Suriname is inhibited by indians, creoles, hindustanis, javanese, chinese, and several smaller groups. All these people brought their original culture and knowledge of plants with them when they came to Suriname, mostly to work on the former plantations. Very often they took the plants they found interesting with them or imported these later. Thus Suriname has a very special collection of usefull plants at his disposal.


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